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SMD stencils, precise shapes, laser engraving

Laser cut stencils. We produce laser stencils for the SMD technology since 1998. Due to the experienced staff and top-level laser equipment we offer the best possible service in manufacturing of laser-cut metal stencils – precise cutting of pads, optic control of each pad, ultrasonic cleaning, express delivery. 


Precision shapes. High accuracy, superb repeatability. From one piece to smaller series, various materials. Unbeatable at high accuracy demands and short delivery terms. Gobos for projection!

Laser engraving. Extremely thin laser beam enables very precise and sharp engravings and laser marked details are not affected by chemicals, cleaners, solvent or salt water.  Our laser engraving service produce beautiful results using a variety of standard materials as well as specially designed "laserable" materials. Each product could be marked differently, with name personified presents are much higher valued.

Laser technology applications are extending exponentially to new areas. Laser can bring you improvements, price reduction, new possibilities, competitive advantages.

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